Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless access points if not configured correctly can be a route for hackers to penetrate your organization’s network without physical access to your office. A wireless penetration test will identify weakness or vulnerability in the access point’s configuration and setup. The test will discover rouge access points connected to your network.
Key Benefits
Improves the network security
  • Identify security configuration weaknesses and rouge access points
Prevents revenue loss due to server downtime
  • Avoid losses resulting from attacks and server downtime
Protect organization and customer data
  • Help prevent data breaches and losses that put your business at risk
  • Build customer confidence and loyalty
Addresses compliance requirements
  • Ensures that your network infrastructure is compliant to industry standards or follows industry best practices
Comprehensive reporting
  • Summary of your wireless security posture
  • Details on the identified weakness and corresponding remediation advice
  • Risk rating to help prioritise the remediation
The wireless network vulnerability assessment includes:
Discovery of rogue access points in the Wireless LAN
Discovery of wireless network encryption vulnerabilities and weakness
Discovery of vulnerabilities on the wireless network authentication
Discovery of unsafe activity or configuration
Discovery of network services and other network devices accessible from the wireless access point
Determines the level of risk associated with the physical security of the wireless access point
Determines the level of risk associated with the setup of the wireless access point
Possible penetration into the internal wired LAN through wireless
Possible packet injection and wireless flooding